The DEA had managed a static site for several years when they approached GreenNet for a solution to their changing publishing needs. Their growing databases of publications and contacts needed an online home which the static site simply couldn't accomodate. After working together with DEA on a new architecture for the more sophisticated dynamic site, we developed this resource rich site of materials and services for the education sector. The databases of contacts and publications are fully searchable and easy to update. <!--break-->
Graphic design for web pages was developed by "Josh King-Farlow": and follows his standard practice of using a fluid layout coding technique (percentage based layout as opposed to em or fixed width pixels), allowing the page to shrink and expand to fit whichever screen size you are using. Coding is authored in a modern standards compliant markup language (Strict XHTML 1.0) and uses CSS version 1, a styling language originally written in 1996.