Creative exchange had been managing their subscriptions and publication distribution operations with a complex series of offline databases. Their need was to consolidate the databases and integrate them with their public website, so that the data could be accessed and managed by any authorised users.<!--break--> We developed a very functional membership system using a 'Client Relationship Management (CRM)' tool built on Drupal. And then went about importing the data from Creative Exchange's File Maker Pro databases. The finished site allows CrEx workers to manage subscriptions, and for members to make payments and access contact information from the central database of members and partners.
Graphic design for web pages was developed by "Josh King-Farlow": and follows his standard practice of using a fluid layout coding technique (percentage based layout as opposed to em or fixed width pixels), allowing the page to shrink and expand to fit whichever screen size you are using. Coding is also strictly W3C standards compliant.