From Free and Open Source software to Intellectual Property Rights, to Liberalising Community Radio Licensing, the 6 CATIA (1c) ICT policy 'Animators' are working to engage local civil society organisations in their local ICT issues. The Animators, based in Ethiopia, Nigeria, DR Congo, Uganda, Senegal and Kenya, all required accessible, affordable, functional campaign sites. And they needed them fast! <!--break-->We started by building a generic prototype site, which then worked as a site generator, allowing us to spin off new sites as they were needed. Each Animator has access to a simple control panel that they can use to adjust the look, feel and campaign message of the site. Adding new content is as easy as posting an online form. The sites also have interactive calendars and public spaces for supporters to send in their comments.
Graphic design for webpages was provided by "Sarka Vasku":