Building Communications Opportunities Alliance (BCO) is made up of NGOs and donor organisations working collaboratively on projects based on communication for development. The alliance website needed a mixture of public and private spaces to present project news to outsiders, and share meeting minutes and draft reports in logged-in spaces between partners. <!--break-->Drupal's finely grained permissions system allowed us to create a number of different website 'roles' to assign to members of the alliance, determining who could read private content, write content etc... The site also makes use of the innovative Google Maps API, to graphically display the location of alliance members' work.
Graphic design for web pages was developed by "Josh King-Farlow": and follows his standard practice of using a fluid layout coding technique (percentage based layout as opposed to em or fixed width pixels), allowing the page to shrink and expand to fit whichever screen size you are using. Coding is also strictly W3C standards compliant.