After years of working with hundreds of html-coded pages on a static website, SGR managed to raise the funds to get their website rebuilt with Drupal. The budget was tight so we worked together to prioritise their requirements and make a plan that would meet their needs without overspilling. A bespoke page design was out but an automated (scripted) migration of all the old html pages into the Drupal database, and integration of their subscription form with a PayPal gateway was in. SGR took on the mammoth task of tidying up the imported data and categorising it with their new index terms. We then set up a faceted search which sorts through all their material to serve up filtered lists according to user selections.

As a membership organisation, the online subscription component of the project was particularly important for SGR. We rejected using a shopping cart facility in favour of building a custom tool for capturing subscriber data that could be organised for simple subs management by SGR staff, and automatic processing by the payment gateway.

In spite of the compromises they made at the beginning, SGR now have a fully functioning website, and because it's been built with Drupal, it can be extended and elaborated in a very scalable way.