We made the initial connection with the Quakers through the Drupal for NGOs monthly gatherings. They’d been struggling for the last few years with a custom built CMS that was proving too inflexible to cope with new requirements. So they were looking for a new site that could take on all the content from the old site and provide the tools to make their online space a much more functional site for the various parts of the British Quaker community to connect with one another and their common resources. At the same time they needed to make sure that the new site wouldn’t leave people disorientated and confused by any change in platform.
We used Drupal to build the site and wrote a custom script to automatically transfer over 2000 pages of the old site into the new database. We then worked with the Quakers to take them through the new approach to content management so that they could sift through and reorganise the imported data. The new system has also been carefully setup to redirect anyone using an old URL to the correct document on the new site.