This project grew out of a request to create a Norwegian version of the new Publish What you Pay logo. The Norwegian wing of the global civil society transparency-in-mining coalition was prompted into action after the successful refit of the international website. Localising the logo just involved a bit of rearranging with the country name. The website was a bigger undertaking, as it has a focus on the capacity building work that is particular to The site was to become the online presence for their programme for participating NGOs across 3 regions in anglophone and francophone Africa and Latin America.The site also needed to reach out to a Norwegian audience by providing bi-lingual content and opportunities for interaction. The result is a multi-lingual site with interactive mapping, participant searching, an online petition and a news feed from the international site. It stands alone as an instrument for advocacy in the campaign for improved transparency in extractive industries. Equally it sits very obviously as a child of the global coalition.