We launched Public Law Project's new website in July 2018, it features a custom visual design, resources library and events booking system, on a whizzy Wordpress CMS.

The project involved migrating PLP’s deep archives of online materials in a number of distinct thematic and content categories from a proprietary Content Management System, which also handled their bulk email and CRM. We mapped their content into a new structure and commissioned custom visual designs from wave.coop.

A key part of the project was to redefine the site’s information structure to connect content across different sections of the site using a simple scheme of icons and colours. We guided PLP though several rounds of feedback on the designs, and on the themed site itself, working closely with Wave’s designer, until we reached a pixel-perfect product to their and the client’s satisfaction.

We also helped to extract, clean and re-segment PLP’s important CRM data, working with them to ensure compliance with the new requirements of GDPR in our role as Data Processor on PLP’s behalf.