PPU host a unique archive which has been developed over many years.We worked closely with them to create a new online home for the organisation that uses Drupal to connect their well-established existing online presence, including the archives, shop, and their social media, while adding new functions using CivCRM to list events and gather online supporters.

Working closely with their team, we devised and created a visual design that updated PPU's online identity, taking into account their branding and existing web and print media. We built the website incrementally, prototyping as we went based on standard Drupal kit in order to keep development time and costs manageable.

This combination of free, open source software offers scope for further iterative development - PPU prioritised key functions and features, and plan a second phase to work on less urgent items, while retaining flexibility to deal with new unanticipated requirements should they arise.

The whole project was carefully planned to launch in good time for the white poppy season around remembrance day in November 2018.