The Oxford Research Group's intranet was designed to respond to the changing needs of the organisation as increasing numbers of staff began working from different locations.

Their requirement was to have an office intranet where shared files could easily be accessed, edited and stored by all staff regardless of location. They were unhappy with staff outside of the Oxford office (where their shared server was hosted), having to first download documents, work on them locally, and then upload them back to the server.
We developed an intranet for ORG that had a file store that they could experience as though it were on a locally networked server, regardless of location. So now all workers can open files in the file store, work on them and save them without going through the uploading and downloading process.<!--break-->

We also imported the data in their office contacts database that was previously only accessible to workers on their local area network in Oxford, to the intranet. Now any worker with sufficient access permissions can access the database, run search queries, edit records etc...