IRR have been publishing their regular email Calendar of Racism and Resistance for many years. We helped them to gather and collate over 12,000 entries from the past decade into an indexed searchable public resource that builds on IRR's campaigning history and creates a tool for future activism.

The IRR is pleased to launch the Register of Racism and Resistance (RRR), a unique searchable database that documents key developments in racism and community action since 2014.
The RRR database contains over seven year’s worth of the IRR’s Calendar of Racism and Resistance entries across themes including policing, the far right, asylum and migration, racial violence, health and electoral politics in the UK and Europe. To trace a case, know a trend, make European comparisons, learn from struggles – all are possible now with this new and accessible tool.

We built a landing page for IRR's WordPress website using customised plugins, the register is updateable and exports into csv.

IRR launched the tool for their 50th Anniversary celebrations.