We love it when we are approached with a clear concept for an online tool that will have a real life impact.

ActNow asked us to create a website where people in Papua New Guinea can rate their District Development Authority and get access to key documents in order to promote transparency and accountability in PNG.

The website had to be accessible on mobile phones over low bandwidth, and to provide simple intuitive interfaces combined with security measures to prevent abuse of the ratings system and attacks on the website.

We built the ratings system in Drupal to ActNow's detailed specification and used Drupal core and contributed modules to add commenting and image uploads for users, a news feed and custom landing pages.

We worked with Karen from Wave on visual design, Marek and Liz from GreenNet worked on the Drupal customisation and themeing


ActNow DDAWatch

Working with GreenNet and Wave was an absolute pleasure.Their technical knowledge and clear project development process helped deliver a website that has exceeded our expectations and has been widely commended