The BNA are a wonderful organisation, that’s been running for over a century. We migrated their archives from the venerable static website that had served them well for over a decade, to a customised multisite WordPress.

The new website has:

  • A network of 10 “sub-sites” for BNA’s regional branches, each of which have their own design and content, user profiles and logins
  • Events listings and registration
  • Online membership subscriptions and renewal
  • Private area for members enabling access to exclusive archived content and resources
  • Online shop

We worked within BNA’s limited budget to prioritise functionality in order to move some of their key workflow around events and membership online, and worked closely with BNA to skill up their staff on the new system, which we launched in February 2019. Using a free WordPress theme enabled us to display the BNA branding in their new online home without using a dedicated graphic designer, we expect that the next phase will involve unlocking some other WordPress functions to extend the site’s functionality.