The biggest challenge in designing the new site for the APC was in meeting the diversity of needs of its different audiences. The site needed to act as a one stop shop for: publicly accessible resources on open access to ICTs, a private members' area for the diverse network of APC member organisations, and a virtual office intranet for the APC staff around the world.
This complex mix of audiences and content is presented in a clear and logical navigation with a raft of exciting features<!--break--> including:
* a dynamic glossary
* a newsletter compiler and mailer
* elaborate events registration system
* content in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
* access permissions synchronised with APC's existing Zope Plone project management tool
Graphic design for web pages was developed by "Josh King-Farlow": and follows his standard practice of using a fluid layout coding technique (percentage based layout as opposed to em or fixed width pixels), allowing the page to shrink and expand to fit whichever screen size you are using. Coding is also strictly W3C standards compliant.