We won the contract in 2013 to migrate Handicap International's online resource centre onto a new accessible platform. Asksource.info comprises a unique collection of information on disability and inclusion in development and humanitarian contexts aimed at practitioners and academics.

The collection contained over 8,000 items, including details of books, reports, websites, organisations, newsletters and pre-prepared key lists organised by topic area, and is the only such resource to reflect the experiences and priorities of practitioners in developing countries.

We rebuilt the site on Drupal 7 to a fully responsive design, and implemented sophisticated search options to improve access to the content. The new site integrates AskSource's newsletter, which provides subscribers with updates on new resources and allows users to log in and create their own listings.

We undertook a complex data migration which ultimately transferred over 13,000 records, ensuring that crucial meta information such as details of organisations, publishers are findable using search and keywords while retaining Source's scheme of key lists for topic areas.