We at GreenNet add our voices to the urgent calls for Alaa Abd el-Fattah’s freedom. The human rights and digital rights campaigner has been on dry hunger strike in an Egyptian prison since Sunday. The desperate hope was that while the eyes of the world are on Egypt the British delegation to COP27 would secure Alaa's safe release from prison and transport to Britain, where he has citizenship.

Energy round-up: carbon markets have failed - by : Stephen Devlin

In theory, the world has the solution to soaring emissions – it’s called carbon pricing. Carbon pricing is an attempt to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by charging polluters to cover their external costs. Most economists and policy-makers argue the only efficient way to do this is through establishing a market for carbon. This is done through an emissions trading scheme (ETS): a fixed number of emissions permits are issued and a cap is set on the total emissions allowed.

#Budget2015: Welfare for Fossil Fuels, Austerity for the rest

3:45 pm by mika

Today, Osborne announced massive tax breaks and subsidies for North Sea oil companies. A new £1.3 billion in subsidies will be handed to oil companies, with the burden transferred to the public. £1.3 billion could cover the costs of employing another 20,000 nurses in the NHS.