We can help you put all your office and online tools into your own 'cloud', using free software.

As Microsoft's office suite has moved off your desktop and on to their servers, and more and more people have started trusting Google Apps (now Google suite) with their documents, the free* software community has come up with great free* tools that perform the same set of functions, but which don't require committing to a subscription to a corporate provider, or hosting your crucial data on their servers.

With GreenNet, you can continue to use Outlook on your desktop for email (we've been supporting all the versions of Outlook from 97 to 2016 with email accounts), and other standard email apps such as the wonderful (free*!) Thunderbird, or use our webmail wherever you are.

We can help you get free from the near-monopoly of corporate office tools, using a few useful pieces of software:

  • GreenCloud/OrgCloud
    • Based on ownCloud/Nextcloud which is free*, self-hosted and open source. We'll set it up and configure it for you.
    • Filestore: A secure place to store files that works like google docs or dropbox. The filestore has a friendly web interface, and can sync with copies of files on your local devices at home and office. 
    • Documents: OrgCloud includes online OpenOffice/LibreOffice, compatible with Word, Excel and Powerpoint, formats such as xlsx, pptx & docx.  This is an online document editor for presentations, spreadsheets and documents. 
    • Calendars: it also has calendars that can access and sync up across your devices. It supports Outlook and Thunderbird, so you can keep your appointmants up to date on your phone and reply to meeting requests,
    • Contact lists: for your staff groups.
  • Email and encrypted email.
    • GreenNet has been running email servers for 30 years! Our current email packages can also be encrypted using LEAP at your domain name.
    • Webmail access, or you can use any app such as Outlook or Thunderbird or Mail (or even Eudora!)
    • Spam filtering, using our unique anti-spam service for NGOs, the voluntary sector, charities and activists.
  • Backups, as a standard feature, we offer regular onsite and offsite backups.

One big advantage is that you'd only pay the costs of hosting and initial setup. There are no licence fees to pay.

And aside from the obvious benefit of not involving a costly and exploitative relationship with a corporate behemoth, there are technical advantages too. It's more secure than corporate packages and no one else can get access to your data in our servers. What's more, you'd have our small, dedicated support team whenever you need help, and to guide you and suppport you through the migration process.

Please give us a shout if that sounds interesting!

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