You are neither permitted nor authorised to send unsolicited bulk email to, through or from any GreenNet server.


Prohibitions include but are not necessarily restricted to the following list.

  • No-one is permitted or authorised to send or cause to be sent unsolicited bulk email (otherwise known as “UBE” or “spam”) to, through or from the networks or equipment of GreenNet Ltd or of GreenNet Educational Trust.
  • No-one is permitted to connect to or through our servers to post unsolicited bulk messages that link to commercial web sites. (This refers to form spam.)
  • No-one is permitted to connect to GreenNet servers to transmit unsolicited communications of any kind that (a) are sent in bulk; (b) are commercial in nature and vary the sender address for no adequate reason; OR (c) harass, intimidate or coerce other internet users. See our terms and conditions .
  • The definition of bulk is that the recipient’s identity is irrelevant because the message is applicable to many other potential recipients.
  • By sending messages to through or from GreenNet facilities you consent to any technical or other action that is taken in response if your message is unsolicited and bulk.

Further information

The notice above has been prompted by people sending ‘business-to-business’ or ‘opt-out’ spam to GreenNet users. However, it applies to everyone who sends email to through or from GreenNet servers, whether a paying user of GreenNet services or any other person.

Additionally, if you are connected to the internet, it is a condition, either formally in your Terms of Service or Acceptable User Policy (AUP) or otherwise, that you do not send unsolicited bulk email or otherwise abuse the free services that the internet enables. Sending spam to anyone is and always has been an abuse of the network, and is and always has been prohibited and unauthorised. The Computer Misuse Act 1990 applies.

The EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, among other things, prohibit the sending of unsolicited or harassing messages to individuals and unincorporated associations, whether bulk or not. You are reminded that possession of a or .org domain does not make an organisation or group a corporate subscriber. The regulations affect neither the situation for corporate subscribers nor the prohibitions above.

If you are unsure if you are spamming, or have been told you are not but have never investigated the matter for yourself, please see the definition of spam. Some guidelines for maintaining an email list (whether software-driven or manual) can be found here.

Abuse notices

Any abuse of the GreenNet servers to send UBE can be reported to