Use these settings to configure your email and FTP (file transfer protocol) software, and broadband router, for connecting to GreenNet’s online services.


User name usually the name that appears before the @ symbol in your email address
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server
SMTP port 587 (or 25, 465, or 2525)
SMTP requires authentication yes, plain
Incoming mail server
Security settings START/TLS if available
IMAP port 143
POP port 110
Recommended software Mozilla Thunderbird


Profile any name you would like to give to this connection
Host name/type (your website address beginning with www)
User name/ID yourname (FTP user name)
Password (the FTP password we sent you)
Port 21
Recommended software FileZilla or FireFTP

Broadband Settings for ADSL connection

Encapsulation PPPoA
VCI 38
Modulation Auto
DNS Auto