How to send and receive email through a BlackBerry handheld device.

Exact instructions may vary according to model of BlackBerry. For some models:

  1. On your BlackBerry home screen, open Email settings
  2. Click Add an email account (click Yes if necessary)
  3. Enter the e-mail address you want other people to see, and the password we sent you. Click Next
  4. The BlackBerry should then say “We were unable to configure”. Click I will provide the settings to add this e-mail account, and Next.
  5. Select Internet Service Provider E-mail (POP/IMAP) and click Next, and then Provide the Settings
  6. Enter the username and password that we have given you, and Email server should be
  7. Click Next and OK.

On others, you go through system settings to email, and have to select “IMAP” as the type of account, then enter the “display name” (your real name), and the username and password,, leave as port 993, and authentication details the same as for incoming. Port 465 will work for outgoing.