Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your GreenNet email account in MS Outlook 2002/XP/2003


How do I set up Outlook 2002/XP/2003 to check and send email?


I just changed Internet Service Providers and now need to change Outlook to check and send from my new GreenNet mailbox. How do I change my settings?


Setting up Outlook is easy if you have the right information. You will need to look through the letter we sent you for your username and password, but the rest of the information is provided below. Once you have it, you are ready to set up Outlook.

  • Your POP or mail server:
  • Your SMTP or outgoing mail server:
  • Your GreenNet username:
  • Your email address alias:

Now you are ready to get started!

To set up a new email account follow these simple steps below, use the screen shots to make sure you’re on the right track.

1. Start Microsoft Outlook.

2. From the Tools menu select E-mail Accounts.

3. Select the Add a new e-mail account option, then click on the Next button.

4. Select the POP3 option, then choose the Next button.

5. In the Your Name box, ensure your name is listed.
6. In the E-mail Address box, your e-mail address should be listed (this is the email address to which you want people to reply, which may include a virtual domain).

7. In the Incoming mail server (POP3) box, enter
8. In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) box, enter
9. In the User Name box, enter your GreenNet username. (The username may be the part to the left of the in your e-mail address, or otherwise as advised by us.)
10. In the Password box, enter your password.
11. In order to check SMTP authentication is enabled, click the “More Settings…” button, then the “Outgoing server” tab, then ensure “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” is ticked, and “Use same settings as my incoming server” is selected. (If you are in the habit of leaving messages on the server for access from a different computer or device, you may also want to click the “Advanced” tab and see here.)
12. Choose the Test Account Settings button to see if your account is set up correctly.
13. If everything works, choose on the Next button.
14. Choose the Finish button.

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