You may have seen a fake email pretending to come from GreenNet asking you to log-in online for some reason.  This is phishing fraud and is not from GreenNet.

GreenNet has been a target for "phishing" emails for years.  These are emails sent to many addresses, often impersonating GreenNet and directing you to a web page that is usually on a compromised server.  Normally we block them as with other spam, but sometimes a few get through.  (The phishers' intention is to get credentials for GreenNet email accounts to send further annoying frauds and spam, because as with universities and other institutions, our servers have a good reputation and so even spam from them tends to get delivered.)

If you have received something about "upgrading e-mail accounts" with a link to an external form asking for your username and password, please just delete it (send us a copy to if you like). 

If you have accidentally entered your password into a new or non-GreenNet form, please do contact us on or 0330 355 4011.  You can also change your password by logging in at