These instructions are for when you want to check your GreenNet account on a Windows phone such as a Nokia Lumia os Samsung ATIV, and have to use the Windows Phone 7-10 (Outlook) Mail app. 

You will probably want to use an IMAP connection rather than a POP connection, so these instructions concentrate on that.  IMAP gives access to email that is stored in folders on the server, and might be shared with another device like a laptop or access via GreenNet webmail.  If you want to try POP instead, there are a few minor differences: please check those first.

  1. Check you have a working internet connection and can browse the web.
  2. You can add an account from within the mail program, but the recommended route for Windows Phone 7 or 8 is as follows.  From the main Start screen, swipe right to left to get the Apps list, and scroll down to get Settings (cogwheel). Tap that, then select Email + accounts, and tap Add an account.
  3. If you have Windows 10 Mobile, instead start Outlook Mail from the Apps list, and access Settings via the ? or '...' menu.  Then select Accounts and Add Account.
  4. If you see Advanced setup, tap that, and go to "internet email account" step below.
  5. If not you may have Windows Phone 7.  Tap Other account.
  6. Fill in your email address and password.  Tap Sign in
  7. Windows probably won't find the settings.  Tap Try again.  Then tap Advanced.
  8. Tap Internet email account.
  9. Account name can be anything descriptive, eg your email address.
  10. Your name is the name you want your correspondents to see.  You may also need to type in the email address you want people to reply to, if you've gone via "advanced setup".
  11. Incoming email server should be (technically this is to use STARTTLS)
  12. Account type will be IMAP4 unless you want POP as below.
  13. User name will be the user name we gave you.  If you have an address or, it will be the part to the left of the '@' sign.
  14. Password the password we gave you or you chose through webmail.
  15. Outgoing (SMTP) email server should be (the ':1' means use SSL [or hopefully TLS] for the connection.)
  16. Outgoing server requires authentication - should be ticked
  17. Use the same user name and password for sending email - should be ticked
  18. Tap Advanced settings if present (Windows Phone 7 or 8). "Require SSL" should be ticked for security for both incoming or outgoing email.  More info here or here on how to persuade Windows/Outlook to secure email.
  19. tap Sign in.
  20. You now need to sync the account.  From the Start menu, find the email account you created, tap that, and then tap Sync.  Your email should be downloaded.

If you want POP3 instead of IMAP:

POP3 set-up is very similar except for the "Incoming server settings".  It should ask for "POP3 server" where you can put "" to avoid confusion.  Security again ideally should be "STARTTLS" (or "TLS"), and the port in this case should be 110.  Note that POP accounts store email on the phone or device, do not give access to server folders, and is designed to remove downloaded mail from the server.