For many years we have offered two Webmail systems for accessing GreenNet email accounts via a web browser. Our oldest webmail system is IMP/Horde, while for many years we have also offered Squirrelmail as a more fully-featured webmail interface. Recently we set up Roundcube Webmail, which performs well, uses AJAX to quickly load messages, and  has a responsive design that works on mobile phones and other devices with small screens.

However, we've found that it's not really feasible for GreenNet to maintain three different webmail systems. In the future, we'd like to standardise on Roundcube Webmail, as it is the most modern system, and is being actively developed with more features being added over time.

As such, over time we will be phasing out our IMP/Horde and Squirrelmail webmail systems.

IMP/Horde Webmail

Those of you who use our IMP/Horde webmail on a regular basis may have noticed that your web browser has started to display alerts about the security of the HTTPS connection to the webmail system. Our IMP/Horde webmail system was set up many years ago and for HTTPS secure web access is using encryption protocols that are considered old and deprecated. The very latest versions of some web browsers may already refuse to connect to the system. As such, we've decided that we will be taking the IMP/Horde webmail system offline later this year. So, GreenNet email users who regularly log into our IMP/Horde webmail interface should switch to using our Roundcube Webmail system instead. We will keep our IMP/Horde webmail system online until the beginning of September, at which time we will be taking it offline.

If you are a IMP/Horde user and you have addressbook entries there that you don't want to loose, the 'Import/Export' option in the IMP/Horde menubar will allow you to export your contacts as a CSV file. You than then log into Roundcube and then click on 'Contacts' and then the 'Import' button to import contacts from the CSV file into Roundcube. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about this.


We will also likely be phasing out use of our Squirrelmail webmail interface in favour of Roundcube at some point in the future. However, we've yet to set a timeline for taking Squirrelmail offline. We will update this page when we have a timeline for doing so, at this point we expect that our Squirrelmail webmail interface will continue to be available until at least October 2020.

The Future: Roundcube and 2FA with App Passwords

Focusing on just one webmail interface will allow us to concentrate on adding functionality to Roundcube and improving its performance. We also plan on adding additional security features to Roundcube, such as 2FA (second-factor authentication) codes for securing your webmail login along with app passwords for programs and devices that connect to our email server via the IMAP and POP protocols. We will post updates here as we add features that will allow our email users to configure their email accounts for greater security against phishing and other attacks that are all too common these days.