Everything's normal at GreenNet. We think it's best if we work from home and help everyone else who can do so (like the WHO guidance said for ages and UK government finally woke up to). The main effect of this is that if you ring us, it's more likely the call will go to voicemail – we'll ring you back 9.30-5.30 Monday-Friday.
We are offering a range of tools and services for remote working GreenNet users and groups.

We won't be checking post regularly, so please email or phone. If you normally pay by cheque could you please use an alternative method as shown on your invoice.
Support: support@gn.apc.org, tel 0330 355 4011
Finance: billing@gn.apc.org, tel 020 3559 4015

Now wash your hands (soap is magic), and keep R₀<1 for granny's sake.

Statement published 17 March, updated 26/27 March,