The roaming client software contains an international phone book, with the global access phone numbers and login information. To get started, download the software and launch the application by double-clicking the iPass icon on your desktop. The client dialer allows you to easily select the country and city you are in, and select the local access point of your choice to connect to the Internet.

Choose the client software for your operating system:

Before you roam

Be sure to test your client software before roaming.

  • Follow the instructions in the iPass User Guide for installing and testing your iPass client.
  • Try several local access points to be sure that you are connecting properly. If you have any difficulty, please follow the instructions in the Troubleshooting Tips for getting support while roaming. It is much easier to call us for support before you travel!
  • Note that if you are not using the iPass MCM, which has an automatically updating phone book, consult with us to make sure you have the most recent iPass phone book before you travel. You should be sure your client phone book is updated monthly as numbers frequently change.

Understand that modems function differently around the world. Many countries have different telecommunications laws and practices.

  • Check with your modem supplier to ensure your modem will be compatible with the phone systems in the country where you are travelling.
  • For comprehensive information about international phone systems, or to purchase adapters, please see: