1) View the source of the HTML 2) Cut and paste the HTML code between the <FORM METHOD…..> and tags. 3) Change the ‘Mailto’ field to your own email address. 4) Save the file as plain text in your normal HTML editor. 5) Upload the file to your site and call up the URL This is another fill-out form example, with multiple text entry fields. The first text entry field goes here: The second text entry field goes here: The third text entry field goes here: To submit the query, press this button: . Things you may want to note:
  • Each text entry field is given a distinct NAME attribute.
  • The query that results from this form looks like this: “?entry1=blah&entry2=blargh&entry3=blorf” (assuming “blah” had been typed into the first field, “blargh” into the second, and “blorf” into the third).
  • If nothing is typed into any of the fields, the corresponding “name=value” pairs will still be present in the query, with the value simply absent. So, if you type “blah” into the first field and “blorf” into the third but nothing into the second, the query is “?entry1=blah&entry2=&entry3=blorf”.
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