EXAMPLE 1 This is a very simple fill-out form example. Whatever you type in the box below will be emailed back to wwwadmin@gn.apc.org. To test this form for yourself:

1) View the source of the HTML
2) Cut and paste the HTML code between the and tags.
3) Change the 'Mailto' field to your own email address.
4) Save the file as plain text in your normal HTML editor.
5) Upload the file to your site and call up the URL


A single text entry field goes here:

Note that it has no default value.

To submit the query, press this button: .


That's it.

Things you may want to note:

  • Characters like "&", "%", and "$" in the text typed into the text entry field are automatically escaped (into hex form: a percent sign followed by a two-digit hex value corresponding to the ASCII value of the character) when the query is constructed. For example, the string "&%$" becomes "%26%25%24".
  • By default, an INPUT tag corresponds to a text entry field. The TYPE attribute lets you change this -- the "submit" type indicates a special pushbutton that causes the query to be submitted when it's pushed. Other types are demonstrated in the other examples.
  • Because this fill-out form contains only a single text entry field, the query can be submitted by pressing return in the text entry field (as well as by pressing the "Submit Query" button).

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