If you’re tired of wading through piles of spam each day, follow these instructions to set up automatic spam filters for your Microsoft Outlook 2000 inbox. Outlook 98, 2000 and 2002 can filter on header fields.

Start by clicking Organize on the Inbox toolbar.

Now click on Rules Wizard. If the words Rules Wizard are not displayed, try clicking on Using Views, and then back on Using Folders. A list of rules (possibly empty) will then be displayed. Click New….

Choose the first option, Check messages when they arrive. Click Next, and you will be asked Which conditions do you want to check? Scroll down the list of possible conditions, until you see message header. Tick the box next to that line, as indicated below.

Click on the underlined text specific words. A box appears asking for the text. Enter “X-Spam-Level: *****“ (there is a space after the colon) and click OK. Note: you can adjust the sensitivity of the spam filter by adding or removing stars. For instance: Using *** will increase the number of messages that will be moved directly to your Trash folder. If you enter more stars, e.g. ********** less spam will be removed from your inbox.

Click Next. The wizard asks ‘What do you want to do with the message?‘. Put a tick in the box next to the first item, move it to the specified folder.

Click on the underlined word specified and you can choose a folder to move spam to, or create a new one.

Select Deleted Items (or Junk mail as you prefer), and click OK.

Once these two settings are made you can click Finish, skipping the exceptions screen.

You now have a rule displayed that will filter most spam into a folder which you can check less frequently. Click OK.
Collect your e-mail and check that spam goes directly to the appropriate folder.