You can set your email program to move spam straight to the junk folder, either using any system the program has, or with GreenNet’s own pretty accurate markers.

Spam labelling

GreenNet email accounts come with a tool that tries to recognise unwanted email messages (so-called ‘spam’, more precisely unsolicited bulk email) and labels them accordingly. In general we cannot prevent spam by blocking messages from known spam sender addresses as they keep changing their email addresses and the mail servers they (ab)use. We also have to be cautious as the tool can sometimes misidentify email as ‘spam’ (also known as giving ‘false positives’). False positives are very rare, and any are a high priority for us to fix. So with the exception of obvious spam which we feel confident about rejecting or quarantining (effectively discarded after seven days), in cases of doubt we label the messages for you to then filter out as they come into your mailbox.

As of 2009, this labelling may appear as “[SPAM]”, “?spam” or “?spambounce” in the subject line.

Filtering in an email program

Because no spam filtering system is perfect, GreenNet recommends setting up ‘Spam’ filters in your E-mail program. Filters (sometimes also called ‘Filter Rules’ or ‘Mail Filters’) allow your email program to automatically detect messages which GreenNet servers marked as ‘Spam’ and move them to your Deleted Items or Junk mail folder. This gives you a chance to look at them and check whether any of them were misidentified. GreenNet’s anti-spam filters are pretty accurate nowadays, but if you find anything mislabelled (or not labelled when it should be), please forward it to

We don’t generally move spam to a separate folder on the server, as traditionally most people use an email program with POP rather than IMAP. However, if you are a IMAP user with particular needs, please contact GreenNet Support and we may be able to set something up.

Setting up a Filter

Follow the links below for instructions on how to set up a ‘spam’ filter in your email program (if your email program is not listed please send an email to and we will add instructions for it as soon as possible).

Further Reading

GreenNet’s anti-spam tool is powered by a forked version of the open-source program SpamAssassin. Technical information is available there.