There are two ways of accessing your GreenNet email account on the web.

Log in to IMP/Horde


Log in to Squirrelmail


The first one is called IMP/Horde. If you have been with GreenNet for a long time you are probably familiar with this one. You can access it by clicking on the screenshot on the left.

The second one is called Squirrelmail. We have started offering this more recently. It has some more advanced features like folders, PGP/GPG encryption, and changing your E-mail password. To use Squirrelmail click the screenshot on the right.

Click on the image you prefer to log in securely using your GreenNet username and password.

If for any reason your browser or firewall does not support HTTPS (secure) connections, please use the same links, but with "http:" in place of "https:". Please protect your GreenNet password.