We put great effort into ensuring the security and continunity of all the data hosted on our servers. We backup all of our servers, files and databases to our main backup server, located in our datacentre rack, every night. Those nightly backups are kept for 7 days. We also keep backup snapshots of all servers from the first day of each month on the backup server for one year.

In addition, we have an off-site backup server located in the GreenNet offices, about 10 miles from the datacentre with our main backup server. As soon as nightly backups to our main backup server are complete, they are then copied to the off-site backup server. The datacentre with our main network and backup server is located outside floodplanes and is protected by advanced security and fire-suppression systems. But if anything were to damage our main servers in the datacentre, we have the latest backup snapshot for each server stored on our off-site backup server.

If you ever need website, database, OrgCloud or email data restored from our backups because of data loss, corruption or other problems, just contact us. Only GreenNet systems administrators have access to our backup servers, so restores from backup need to be done by us. Most data restores from backup are relatively quick to carry out and we can do them at no extra charge. In some extaordinary cases where the data restore is going to be very time-consuming for our support and systems administration staff, we reserve the right to bill for the work needed to restore data from backups. Our hourly rate is £75+VAT. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.