You can use the Network Drive function built into Windows to access your cloud files. This is one of various methods available for accessing your cloud account on your computer, as explained on our general NextCloud support page.

This page explains how to set up your NextCloud files to be accessed and modified as a network drive on Windows.

However, note that Windows 7 appears to have a bug that means the 'WebClient' Windows service needs to be activated before the network drive will work. If you are on Windows 7, then please see our instructions on enabling the 'WebClient' service before continuing with the steps listed below.

Mapping a network drive in Windows

Go to the Start menu and click on 'Computer'.

Start Menu with Computer circled

When the 'Computer' file browser window opens, then click on 'Map network drive'.

Map network drive button

A window will appear asking you to choose a drive letter for the network drive (any drive letter not currently in use will work) and supply the address of the network folder.

Map network drive dialogue box

If you have an individual GreenCloud account, then the folder address is

If you have a dedicated OrgCloud installation, then use the hostname of your cloud web interface in place of '' (e.g. '').

Make sure the 'Reconnect at logon' and 'Connect using different credentials' boxes are ticked below the folder address, then click on the 'Finish' button.

You will be promted for the cloud username and password that were set for your account.

WebDAV username and password prompt

Enter the username and password that you use to log into the NextCloud web interface. If you wish to save the password on your computer so that you don't have to enter it each time the computer establishes a connection with the server, then you can tick the 'Remember my credentials' box. Then click the 'OK' button. If the details you've entered are correct, then all the files from your cloud account will then be available under the new drive letter.

Cloud files successfully mapped as a network drive