Free GreenNet Support & Training for members

This page is for GreenNet users who need a little extra help from the GreenNet Support team to tackle their computing troubles via a remote connection. We may also know a friendly consultant in your area who can visit, but this way can be very quick indeed. This is part of our continuing commitment to solve issues related to your GreenNet service quickly and efficiently and take the pressure off you.

If you have come across this page through the website and think you may need a remote support session to solve a computer problem then please call the GreenNet Support line on 0330 355 4011 during 9.30-5.30 Mon-Fri. We will then provide you with further instructions to use the software below and temporarily take control of your desktop. This method of support is included in your GreenNet membership for issues related to GreenNet. See below for pricing when resolving other issues.


We use TeamViewer for our remote support connections. To get started, please download and run the appropriate "QuickSupport" program for

If you get an option to Run the downloaded file, please select that; otherwise save the file to your desktop, and then open it by double-clicking. This will then generate a 9- or 10-digit ID and one-time password that you give to us. At the end of the session you can close and remove the QuickSupport software.

Cost of GreenNet Remote Support for non-GreenNet related issues

Non-GreenNet related issues: £45 (£37.50+VAT) per half hour. This is also available to non-members at our discretion.
A non-GreenNet related issue includes any software problems such as web browser, office software or operating systems on Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS X as well as printer set-up, system updating and general maintenance. GreenNet support cannot guarantee that issues in this category will be resolved, but we can agree a 'no fix no fee' basis for this service when you contact us.

Note: unfortunately we know of no very-easily-usable current free (FLOSS) and secure software to do remote support (but if you're sufficiently technically advanced to install a VNC server, we might be able to work with that). This means you need to trust the software supplier as well as GreenNet. In Windows, the software will run with your usual user account privileges unless you choose "Run as administrator", which may be necessary to install or uninstall software. In any case allowing any person or system control over your desktop obviously carries privacy and security risks. Yes, that's a bit like the Caution: May be hot warnings on takeaway coffee packaging, but may be slightly less obvious.