Wordpress is renowned for it's usability and general slickness, we find that it enables users to get going quickly and will do a lot out of the box, adding plugins for extra goodies allows you to create advanced configurations and masses of free themes enable you to create a brilliant and unique and special online presence.

A Statue for Sylvia

We helped long time GN clients on The Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee's campaign for a statue to Sylvia to re-do their simple static website in a WordPress CMS. We supported them to move their archive of annual lectures and updates and revise the navigation and presentation of the campaign's content quickly and neatly in a new online home where it's easier to edit as well as to read. We relaunched the site in 2023 and are hoping that the statue will be unveiled this year.

CNCA Non-negotiable Campaign

Wave invited us to collaborate on a new website for the Non-negotiable campaign for corporate responsibility in Canada, run by the 40 member organizations of the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability.

Wave created a custom design and GreenNet built and themed the site using WordPress CMS in French and English. The website is hosted on CNCA's servers.

Stateless Journeys

We worked with Sarah Macbeth to design and build a custom themed WordPress for the European Network on Statelessness.The website features video stories and clear calls to action for supporters.

ENS gave us a detailed brief which and we worked closely with them and with Sarah's cutom designs to deliver the project on budget and on time for their campaign launch.

Fossil Free ECAs

We built this website at high speed in time for COP26.

ECA Watch coalition commissioned us for this project, which involved bringing together contributors from ECA watch member organisations all over the world for a series of online planning and development meetings.

We worked with Wave to build a neat campaigning site in around 6 weeks to ECA Watch's specifications,

  • Online open letter signup

  • Custom WordPress theme

Julie's Bicycle

JB had got funding to develop their last website which left them locked in to a proprietary Content Management System with a high monthly fee - they needed to escape!

GreenNet provided a WordPress CMS and carried out a rescue of JB's content, including archives of events and blogs. We carefully replicated the visual design and architecture in the new web space so that JB can carry out the next stage of their online transformation in an open source environment.


Public Law Project


We launched Public Law Project's new website in July 2018, it features a custom visual design, resources library and events booking system, on a whizzy Wordpress CMS.

The project involved migrating PLP’s deep archives of online materials in a number of distinct thematic and content categories from a proprietary Content Management System, which also handled their bulk email and CRM. We mapped their content into a new structure and commissioned custom visual designs from wave.coop.