GreenNet web team has keenly got to grips with the latest version of Drupal, our favourite CMS. We're keeping a close watch on development of new features.

UNESCO Health Education Resource Centre and Toolkit


On 7 April 2021, World Health Day, we relaunched the UNESCO Health and Education Resource Centre, a knowledge sharing initiative provided by UNESCO for the education sector.

The library is a collection of more than 6,000 downloadable resources, evidence and research, policies and strategies, teaching and learning materials, and guidance and practical tools. It also presents news and webinars and updates about events from around the world. We implemented a faceted search that enables easy access to the library.

CAABU Council for Arab British Understanding

Caabu wanted to upgrade their main website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8, the latest version with a full content migration of their extensive archives of news and campaigning materials into a new visual design.

We implemented Caabu's multilingual content in Arabic using Drupal's translation functions and a mobile responsive custom theme by Sarah macbeth that works both right-to-left and left-to-right.


WES Centenary Map

We enjoyed this project which involved creative use of open tech for gender equality - just the sort of thing GreenNet likes best!

Women's Engineering Society were funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and worked with Wellcome Foundation to carry out this innovative project, celebrating 100 years of WES and aiming to increase recognition of women engineers. We were involved at an early stage to plan the technical proposal the and contribute to the funding bid.

Anonymous site for an Anonymous client


Occasionally we are asked to help with campaigns where for reasons e.g. physical safety of activists, security and confidentiality is absolutely paramount - so we can't  tell you the URL or client's name in this case. Hopefully it would be pretty difficult to work out any connections.

The project aim is to gather news from sources within a group of states where press freedom is weak. Thesite is a multilingial repository for news - a blog in 6 (non-Latinate) languages, it aims to encourage whistleblowing by offering a secure confidential maildrop, and assures untraceability.

UNESCO SDG4Education2030


UNESCO asked us to help them put together a neat and tidy website to publish updates on the Strategic Development Goal 4 - Education.

We focussed on making the site quick and intuitive to edit and update. We worked with them to build the site from the ground up on a brand new Drupal 8, adding features and functions as new requirements arose.

End Water Poverty

We've worked with EWP for many years, and it was time to refresh their online presence. We helped them select a responsive theme on the latest version of Drupal, and tweaked it to display EWP's brand identity.

The site enables them to publish updates about their new campaigns and latest news through the Drupal dashboard.

We rebuilt their membership signup and listings functions with an interactive map customised to display regions where EWP members work.