TAPOL 2023

GreenNet has supported TAPOL's online activities for many years, and were happy to carry out an upgrade and rebuild of their trusty Drupal 7 website,

All of TAPOL's Bulletins, Reports, Publications and News items migrated over to a shiny new Drupal 9 CMS with a fresh visual design by Sarah Macbeth and a revised information architecture that we devised with the TAPOL team working remotely in several countries,

To keep everything secure, we've implemented various clever measures to make sure that the site stays up and well protected.




We love it when we are approached with a clear concept for an online tool that will have a real life impact.

ActNow asked us to create a website where people in Papua New Guinea can rate their District Development Authority and get access to key documents in order to promote transparency and accountability in PNG.

The website had to be accessible on mobile phones over low bandwidth, and to provide simple intuitive interfaces combined with security measures to prevent abuse of the ratings system and attacks on the website.

A Statue for Sylvia

We helped long time GN clients on The Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee's campaign for a statue to Sylvia to re-do their simple static website in a WordPress CMS. We supported them to move their archive of annual lectures and updates and revise the navigation and presentation of the campaign's content quickly and neatly in a new online home where it's easier to edit as well as to read. We relaunched the site in 2023 and are hoping that the statue will be unveiled this year.

CNCA Non-negotiable Campaign

Wave invited us to collaborate on a new website for the Non-negotiable campaign for corporate responsibility in Canada, run by the 40 member organizations of the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability.

Wave created a custom design and GreenNet built and themed the site using WordPress CMS in French and English. The website is hosted on CNCA's servers.

Stateless Journeys

We worked with Sarah Macbeth to design and build a custom themed WordPress for the European Network on Statelessness.The website features video stories and clear calls to action for supporters.

ENS gave us a detailed brief which and we worked closely with them and with Sarah's cutom designs to deliver the project on budget and on time for their campaign launch.