GreenNet is unlike any other ISP. We are a small collective of people with experience in technical support and development for a diverse range of sustainable development and political activism projects. We provide reliable and informed advice about technology services, based on the communications work that you do. Our services have been developed on the basis of more than 20 years experience and involvement with our community of users. Our expert support team provide a personal service by listening and patiently guiding you through solutions.

What do we do?

  • We devise technical solutions for you based on developing our understanding of the work you are trying to do online.
  • We support you in making the best use of technology for the work that you do.
  • We put environmental sustainability and ethical business practices alongside value for money when deciding what tools and services to offer
  • We use our spare technical capacity to provide emergency support and protection for the wider global community of civil society organisations.
  • We prioritise your right to privacy from surveillance of your online activities.
  • We develop resources, training and tools for civil society organisations to use the Internet safely and productively to campaign on social justice issues.

How we work

At GreenNet we believe that social justice begins here – not only in the messages that we support you in disseminating, but also in the hardware and software choices that we make, and the approach we take to providing you with services.
Our ethical working style extends to ..

  • Our approach to managing the organisation – all profits go to our parent charity.
  • How we organise ourselves – everyone is paid and treated equally.
  • The way that we sell our services – we operate within the market without being governed by its values.
  • The way we provide our services – we only provide services that we can support you in using.
  • Our defense of your right to communicate and our support for your on-line campaigns and materials.

How easy is it to join?

Getting Connected to GreenNet is easy! We provide advice on membership packages, support, training and on-line resources. Call on 0330 355 4011 or email us for more information. Alternatively browse through our services section and use the online shop to take out a subscription.

What services does GreenNet provide?

GreenNet is a one-stop resource for:

and much more, all supported extensively over the phone and via e-mail

What account should I choose?

GreenNet membership accounts are based on popular bundles of networking services:

Can I tailor an account to suit my needs?

There are a number of possible additional features, including:

  • High speed broadband access
  • Wikis
  • Password protected online spaces
  • Discussion forums

The GreenNet support team can talk you through all your options and help you choose the account that meets your needs.

Who does GreenNet design websites for?

GreenNet has extensive experience in designing websites with tools and content structures that meet the networking needs of activist and sustainable development organisations.

We specialise in database driven websites, using a content management system called Drupal. Check out the web projects section for more information.

What training courses are available?

Current regular courses include:

  • Linux desktop migration training
  • Website planning training
  • Website content management training

GreenNet also offers bespoke training. Courses are held at our training centre in Shoreditch, London. Alternatively we can be arrange on-site training at your office. All training courses are customised for participating trainees, and offered to members at discounted rates.

Who are the training courses aimed at?

GreenNet has been training organisations and individuals in Information and Communication Technology since 1986. Our courses combine practical knowledge and hands on experience to deliver a whole range of Internet skills. Our trainings are developed to provide specially tailored courses to meet individual needs and also the needs of individual organisations.

Why choose GreenNet when I can use a free service?

  • Full range of services, web hosting etc.;
  • Software and user documentation downloads;
  • Free personal telephone support for the cost of a local UK call;
  • Reliability, even at peak times;
  • Specialised NGO community knowledge;
  • Staff expertise in online campaigning methods and tools;
  • Access to international NGO information/news/activities;
  • Join a community of like-minded people;
  • Establish a personal relationship with your ISP;
  • GreenNet works to protect your Internet Rights.

How do I contact GreenNet?

Call us on 0330 355 4011 or or write to GreenNet Support. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with answers to all of your questions.