Ethical home & organisational broadband, ADSL up to 8Mbps & 20Mbps, unlimited bandwidth, fixed IP, and GreenNet’s excellent support team ensuring you’re online all of the time.

GreenNet Starter Broadband package at £25 per month (inc VAT) (includes & email address).

Ranked by Ethical Consumer, GreenNet broadband provides a fully supported and ethical broadband service to home users and organisations.

To get more details about broadband services and speeds in your area, visit our Broadband Speed & Availability page.

Technical Details:

  • ADSL Max (up to 8 Mbps downstream / 448 kbps upload) or, if your telephone exchange supports it, ADSL2+ (up to 16-24 Mbps download and 1Mbps upload)
  • unlimited downloads/bandwidth
  • Contention ratio of 20:1 (call us for more details)
  • No transfer excess charges
  • Fixed IP address*
  • BT’s Activation fee for broadband is £60 (£50 + VAT)
  • or £18 (£15 + VAT) charge if migrating from another provider
  • A cease charge of £48 (£40+VAT) may apply if cancelling ADSL within 12 months.