The rich get richer and the poor get looting. Surprised millionaire politicians are forced to return from their hols and recall parliament as riots break out after decades of increasing social deprivation.

Rioting, looting and burning breaks out in London and major UK cities in a climate of cuts and austerity for all except the rich. In a country where the police have lost the trust of the people from shootings and deaths in custody, repression of legitimate protest, corruption and press collaboration, 10% of the richest citizens are now 100 times better off than the poorest.

The OECD's Going for Growth 2010 report states that social mobility in the UK is worse than any other developed country. Crime and poor health predominate in unequal societies. Poverty and social exclusion has steadily increased since Thatcher but successive governments have done little to help generations of young people without jobs, opportunities or any belief in having a stake in society, despite decades of research and media warnings.

Riots, Recession, Resistance

Public meeting
7pm, Thursday 11 August,
University of London Union,
Malet Street, WC1

Speakers include:
John McDonnell MP, Lee Jasper Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, Symeon Brown Youth Worker in Tottenham and SOAS Black Students Officer 2009, Andrew Murray Unite the union, Clare Solomon Springtime: The New Student Rebellion, Zita Holbourne Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, Viv Ahmun Black Men in the Community, Josie Fraser mother of Demetre Fraser death in custody, Merlin Emmanuel nephew of Smiley Culture, Aaron Kiely NUS BLack Students Committee

Riots spread in a matter of hours across the country for the third night in a row. This, although sparked by the death of Mark Duggan by police, has been building up for many months. Brutal austerity measures, spending cuts to every public service, rising unemployment, attacks on education, police tactics on demonstrations and the increased use of stop and search has meant that anger towards this government has heated up to boiling point.

It's no surprise events have played out like they have. The government cannot continue with their spending cuts and expect people to sit back and take it. In fact even Nick Clegg predicted riots if Cameron's planned spending cuts took place! Click here to watch video.

Coalition of Resistance along with Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts have organised a public meeting to discuss the connection between recession and the riots and what we can do about it.

Please spread the word about this important meeting. Click here for the Facebook event.

The Coalition of Resistance is hosting a European Anti-Austerity Conference in London on 1st October. The conference has the backing of many of Europe’s most effective anti-cuts campaigns, trade unions and political organisations.

Make sure you are there…and help co-ordinate a Europe-wide alternative to austerity and recession.


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