Do you want to know how visitors are using your website, and want to respect their privacy while you do so? If yes, Matomo analytics is the tool for you!

Matomo is the open-source & privacy-respecting alternative to Google Analytics. With Matomo, the philosophy around data ownership is simple: you own your data, no one else. With 100% data ownership you get the power to protect your user’s privacy. You know where your data is stored (alongside your website hosting on our servers) and what’s happening to it, without external influence. The relationship remains between the website owner (you) and the visitor, with no external sources looking in, and no information about visitors is sent to anyone else.

Data about your visitors is anonymised before being processed by Matomo, and you can configure it to collect no personal information about your visitors, making GDPR compliance easy.

If your site is hosted with us, we can set up Matomo for you for free. Contact us to find out more!

And if you already have Matomo set up for your site with us, log in and admire the results!

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