If you want a website that you can get started on quickly, and keep updated without too much fiddling about, WordPress may be the right tool for you. It's free and open source, and can be customised in masses of clever ways to add features and make it look unique.

WordPress sites are super simple to get going with and add content to. Using a simple blog structure, you can choose from a range of different page styles (themes). You can make your own menu of sections or just stick to a list of blog posts which you publish when you've got something to say. You can choose if you want to let people post their own comments on your site. You can even let people subscribe to email updates.

It's a great way to get started with something on the web, especially if you're not sure what shape and what size you want your website to be, and you just want to have a go.

  • Set up and admin access to your very own WordPress blog
  • Your own domain (www.yourname.org)
  • 1GB of webspace
  • Security updates on your WordPress Blog
  • SSL certificate for HTTPS encrypted access to your site at no extra charge
  • Hosted on our renewably-powered platform

Need an email account or more webspace?  See our optional extras.

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