Our managed Drupal hosting is for organisations who want a managed and dynamic presence on the web with easy access to expert Drupal advice and development support.


  • Upgrades and patches to Drupal Core and an evergrowing list of popular contributed modules (views, cck, etc.)
  • Register or transfer of your domain (www.yourname.org.uk) for your website
  • 5 GB of web space
  • MySQL Database
  • Apache Solr search
  • SSL certificate for HTTPS encrypted access to your site at no extra charge
  • Hosted on our renewably-powered platform


  • Domain forwarding
  • 2 free support tickets for site development requests (each Support Ticket can be used in exchange for up to half an hour's help with any issue you raise with us)
  • Listing in our Directory of Member Organisations

Technical Details

  • Registration or transfer of a Domain Name i.e. yourname.org.uk. You can choose between domains ending in: .org, .com, or .net and .org.uk or .co.uk
  • FTP access for up and downloading to and from your web site
  • Site statistics, PHP support, mailback forms, Site Search
  • Add-ons: password protected areas, additional web space, online forums, support tickets


  • annually in advance: £420 (£350 excl. VAT)
  • or monthly: £42 per month (£35 excl. VAT)

Optional Extras

  • An additional 7 support tickets can be added to the package for £270 (£225 ex VAT) or £45 (£37.50 ex VAT)  per ticket
  • Additional  web space can be added at  £36 (£30 ex VAT)  per 1 GB p.a. or £120 (£100 ex VAT) per 5 GB p.a.. See the web hosting for details on prices of additional web space.
  • A mailbox can be added onto the package for £3 (£2.50 ex VAT) p.c.m. or £30 (£25.00 ex VAT) p.a.
  • A block of 5 additional mailboxes can be added onto the package for £6 (£5 ex VAT) p.c.m. or £60 (£50 ex VAT) p.a.
  • Add a broadband connection for an extra £21 (£17.50 ex VAT) per month

We can help put together the right package for you: drop us a message or call on 0330 355 4011.

Service types: 
Price per year: 
£420.00 inc. VAT
Price per month: 
£42.00 inc. VAT