GreenNet provides a unique anti-spam service geared to NGOs, the voluntary sector, charities and activists.

All our membership services provide good anti-spam measures, based on open-source software that we are continually developing, and also on anti-spam rules and databases.  These measures are designed to allow genuine phrases in email relating to health, peace and social justice campaigning to reach you intact, while keeping out phishing, conference scams, trojans, viruses and generic spam.

This "filtering" is a three-stage process:

  • perimeter checks including greylisting which stop 80% of attempts to send spam before the message content is even seen;
  • checks to reject certain obviously spammy content and a small number of known sender addresses;
  • a sophisticated scoring mechanism using a customised version of SpamAssassin which rejects a further proportion of spam, and also marks suspect but not definite spam in the headers so that this can be treated differently by the user or another relay .

Diagram showing mixture of email from internet passing through greylisting, other checks and SpamAssassin and being delivered to end users via SMTP, POP or IMAP

Home/Activist Plus membership (at £108 inc VAT per year) includes anti-spam and anti-virus measures for one domain up to an average of 2,000 accepted and scanned emails per day (this total excludes all the spam that is excluded via perimeter defences), effectively an all-in email service for a domain for a small organisation.  It also includes a smarthost facility - for sending out email - of the same capacity.

For more technical details see our Spam filtering page.  Other solutions are available for larger organisations.

We can help put together the right package for you: drop us a message or call on 0330 355 4011.










Service types: 
Price per year: 
£108.00 inc. VAT
Price per month: 
£10.80 inc. VAT