Want to add some extra services to your package, or need something a little different?

If you need extra email addresses, a database, a cloud filestore or some more storage capacity to your account? Or maybe you've got an amazing idea for an online adventure?

We can put together a custom bundle for you, and will always help you select the options that offer the best value for money.

The folowing components can be added to our standard packages.

Please ask us about putting together a custom bundle of services


Our main hosting bundles include email accounts:

Additional email accounts can be added to any of our bundles:

  • 1 additional account: £3 per month or £30 per year
  • 5 additional accounts: £6 per month or £60 per year

Contact us for newsletter or discussion lists, mail filtering or any other email requirementa.

Web account disk space

Our hosting bundles come with the following web disk space quotas:

Additional space can be added to any of the above packages:

  • 1 GB for £36 per year
  • 5 GB for £120 per year
  • 10 GB for £192 per year
  • 20 GB for £288 per year

Note that MySQL databases do not occupy web account disk space (so they won't put you above these thresholds).

MySQL databases

Small Group and Organisational Memberships include one database

  • Add a MySQL database for £30 per year

SSL Certificates and dedicated IP addresses

We can install SSL certificates on your site or server, either to simply cover one web site, or if needed "wildcard" certificates for all subdomains of *.example.org.   GeoTrust certificates are available for 1, 2 or 3-year periods, or we can also manage Let's Encrypt certificates for free.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.

  • If you need a dedicated IP address (sometimes recommended for HTTPS sites), we charge £60 per year.


See here for pricing for additional domains.


We can provide ADSL2+ broadband with a static IP address, suitable for a home or small office, for £21 (£17.50 + VAT) per month.  Does not include line rental or email accounts.

Web design, maintenance, development, technical support and consultancy

We offer Pay-as-you-go style Support Tickets that can be used to fund development work or technical assistance from the web development and support teams. Charged at £90 per hour (including UK VAT where applicable).

If your Drupal or Wordpress website is hosted on a package that doesnt include updates to the CMS software, you can purchase a supplementary add-on:

  • Drupal Updates Service for £120 per year
  • WordPress Updates Service for £48 per year.

Find out more about our Web Projects.

Note: All prices above include 20% UK Value Added Tax

Need something a little different? We can help put together the right package for you. Call on 0330 355 4011.