GreenCloud gives you the power of cloud file storage and online collaboration tools, hosted on GreenNet servers. The GreenCloud service includes file storage, individual and shared calendars, task lists, shared contact lists, a music player and image viewer

All your files are stored on GreenNet's London-based servers, which are supplied by power generated from 100% green, renewable sources.

File storage space means that you can access your files from home, from work and from your mobile - it doesn't matter where you are or what device you are on, your files are there and available. And when you are using a computer with the NextCloud client software installed and configured, accessing and editing your files is easy -- your GreenCloud files look and act just like any other files on your computer's hard drive. No delay, no lag, just open the file and edit it! The NextCloud software takes care of uploading the modified file to GreenNet servers and then updating copies of the file that are available on other devices. All of this happens automatically once your GreenCloud account is set up and the NextCloud client software is installed on any computers, tablets and phones on which you want to access your stored files.

Secure and Ad-free

All files are stored on our secure servers, and connections from your devices to our cloud server are all encrypted using SSL and HTTPS, the same type of secure web connection that is used for online banking and e-commerce across the internet. We are aware that some big companies offer free cloud storage space, but that generally means that you have to deal with online ads, along with the possibility that the company is sharing your data or identity with advertisers and government agencies. We are committed to providing a secure, robust service where only you have access to your data.

Our cloud hosting platform is powered by the NextCloud Server software, offering high sercurity, add-on features via modular apps and access to your files and data via the NextCloud client, the NextCloud server's web interface, or standard protocols like WevDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV.

For support and more information about how to connect to and use your GreenCloud account, please see our GreenCloud support pages.


GreenCloud Individual user account with 10GB storage: £50+VAT per year (or billed monthly at just £5+VAT per month)

Additional disk space is available in 10GB increments. An additional 10GB space costs £40+VAT per year (or £4+VAT per month)

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Service types: 
Price per year: 
£60.00 inc. VAT
Price per month: 
£6.00 inc. VAT