Your domain name is your identity on the internet. Many new domain extensions have been launched recently and this is just a selection of the more popular ones - if you don't see what you're interested in then get in touch!

All of the following are available to register and use now, and include the same features as our traditional domain service (add-on to any of our hosting packages, or use separately with web & email redirection.)

.wales & .cymru

Available now! Price per year: £30+VAT (£36 inc VAT)


Available now! Price per year: £52.50+VAT (£63 inc VAT)


Aavilable now! Price per year: £45+VAT (£54 inc VAT)

.ngo & .ong

Available now, restricted to non-governmental organisations that meet the eligibility requirements. Price £120+VAT (£144 inc VAT) for initial registration & first year, renewals £75+VAT (£90 inc VAT) per year.


Instead of or, since 2014 you can have your domain name directly under .uk.  There is no additional cost for this. (Do be warned though that if someone has already registered the equivalent "", the ".uk" will be unavailable to anyone else for 5 years from registration or until 2018.) 

.email, .associates, .community, .foundation, .global, .international, .solar, .ninja,...

These, and many more so called "gTLDs" (generic top-level domains), are available or will be soon.  Please contact us for more information.

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