• £60.00 inc. VAT per year
    • Indvidual cloud file storage account with 10GB space
    • Organise and synchronise your files, calendar items and contacts across all of your computers and devices
    • Keep copies of your important files on our servers in case of device failure or theft
    • Add additional storage space as you need it

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  • £180.00 inc. VAT per year
    • Dedicated NextCloud installation with unlimited user accounts and 20GB total storage space
    • Individuals can have their own files and share sets of files with any or all colleagues
    • Choose add-on apps for additional functionality
    • Add additional storage space as you need it

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What is GreenCloud?

Our GreenCloud and OrgCloud services include:

  • Cloud file storage, which can be synchronised between as many computers and devices as you want
  • Full revision tracking of file modifications, so you can always access old versions of files
  • Individual and shared calendars, task lists and shared contact lists, which can all be accessed and used on any device that supports the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols
  • Data stored on GreenNet's London-based servers, which are supplied by power generated from 100% green, renewable sources.
  • Secure access via an encrypted connection only with your username and password
  • Web-based document viewer, image viewer and music player
  • No ads and we don't ever give your details or data to anyone else

We provide our cloud services using the open source NextCloud Server software.