Ethical home & organisational broadband, ADSL2 Plus broadband with up to 20Mbps download speeds, unlimited bandwidth, fixed IP address, and GreenNet’s excellent support team ensuring you’re online all of the time. Ranked by Ethical Consumer.

GreenNet Starter Broadband package at £23 per month or £230 per year if billed annually.  We do not provide phone line rental, which you will need from another provider.

Optionally add a GreenNet & email account for £2 per month, or £20 per year if billed annually.

Initial activation fee: £50 if there is currently no broadband service on the line, £15 if transferring from another provider.

No minimum contract period, but there is a £40 cease fee if service is cancelled less than one year after activation.

All prices above include 20% UK VAT.

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Service types: 
Price per year: 
£230.00 inc. VAT
Price per month: 
£23.00 inc. VAT