A Better World is Possible: What needs to be done and and how we can make it happen is a 2010 book by Bruce Nixon looking at current economic and ecological problems and current movements for transformative action.  Free PDF to download,

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Global Dialogue believes that democracy, human rights and good governance can best be fostered by an active partnership between civil society and accountable government. Global Dialogue undertakes research, policy development, and educational activities, including publishing and training, to promote these ideals. Using our detailed local knowledge of civil society organisations in different parts of the world we also provide a sub-granting procedure to support local NGOs through establishing Strategic Funds.

The Publish What You Pay campaign aims to help citizens of resource-rich developing countries hold their governments accountable for the management of revenues from the oil, gas and mining industries. Natural resource revenues are an important source of income for governments of over 50 developing countries, including Angola, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Venezuela. When properly managed these revenues should serve as a basis for poverty reduction, economic growth and development rather than exacerbating corruption, conflict and social divisiveness.

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